James Morrison Concert was great~!
It was a small semi-acoustic show and he was totally rockin' it.

Because we were on the guestlist we could waltz right in and managed to stad REALLY close to the stage, that's what I call an HD performance yo~.
Only then my friend started plotting how she was going to jump on stage, I swear she even started stretching O.O;
And then my other friend started dancing like an idiot and I had to look away....

eeeek and he totally touched my haaanddddd, I'll never wash it again....I will though...oh well!

Best €0.80 ever spent.

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Nina: Successssssss!

Remember when I complained about my lack of concentration?


Hell yeah, say hello to the soon to be 2nd year College student! :D

My grades weren't even that good, and I still have to retake some of my tests, but I still made it!
And I nearly cried when I saw my grade for Management; Business.
It was the only test I studied for, even though I did it while riding my bike to school (don't try this at home! I am a proffesional...)
I discovered that, yes, studying does help.

9,8! Although I do think my teacher cheated a bit >.> Coz on my last gradelist for my last test it said I had a 6,3 and on this one my grade was a 7....Not that I'm comlaining of course ^^

But yeah, and then I celebrated with my theatergroup in the park <3 The sun was ridiculous!

xxxx enjoy


Nina: Intelligence VS Stubbornness

The stubborn part of my brain wins. Hands down.
It's kind of sad that I'm wasting my time doing nothing, when I should be studying for a little batch of exams that start...tomorrow.

WHY?! WHY BRAIN!?......picking up a book isn't all that hard you know, or so I thought :(((((((((

The fail! It´s blinding! It´s defeaning!!!

Oh vacation where art thou!!  *wail*

College sucks! You betta recognize gurl!

xx Nina

PS: on a happy note....I saw The Hangover and Star Trek.....my money....it's happy it went to a good place :D
Both movies, gooooooooooooodddddddd :D
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Nina: FAIL


D: D: D: D:

and then I threw myself against a wall in pain...
it took me 15 minutes to get the thorns out :()

xx Nina

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Nina: kids....I need them?

Since my darling other half  not-so-subtly said we don't write enough in our journal in her last post, I'm writing something now! :D
The things I do for you bb~<3

Since I'm not old enough to have one myself....hmmmm......yeah, let's not go there!

I was at my mum's work today, she works at a primary school, and I was helping with an opening party.
I was their lemonade lady and I had free ice cream coupons, so I was the shit in their eyes.

And I swear, at the end of the day my knees hurt (from bending down to their level) and my cheecks were about to fall off from smiling like Siwon when he's around kids O.O

Liek This:

and no  this is NOT just an excuse to post Siwon pictures! ;~;

...Am I that obvious? :C


Nina: Dream......WTF

I scare myself sometimes D:
My recent dream totally proved that my brain needs medication or something!

I was walking through a building with several friends and Super Junior members...that wasn't so bad.
But suddenly we had to get out of the building as fast as possible, I don't even know why dude!
Suddenly I'm on a road in the dunes....don't ask...and then there are a lot of other people running and walking past me.
Then SOME GUY tells me that we need motorcycles to escape, the others found a few for themselves.
But I had nothing...


Then I woke up....srsly Brain...what? D:

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Nina: Fic: You know it's love when

Title: You know it's love when...
Author: sujusogorgeous
Pairing: Yoosu
Rating: R...????..... D:
Genre: Angst? Fluff? (Don't knoooooooowww)
Length: Drabble, 219 words.
Summary: The fact that he believed it without being terrified, scared him most of all.
A/N. First fic thingie :D

Collapse )

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